Climbing rope

Argiope Blue 11,7

A very light and very flexible rope, its reputation speaks for itself.


It’s an American-style climbing rope (significant ratio of cover), with 11.7 mm (0.46 in) diameter. Since it is very light, it is recommended for long climbing ropes.

Its uniqueness is found in the design of its cover (a high quality braiding avoids cover-to-core slippage) and the colours that make it up (easy to spot in the tree).

It is very flexible, but stays round when used with mechanical devices like the ZigZag or the Spiderjack, which makes it perfect for this. Moreover, our Slim TECH® splice passes through those systems (see video), no need to pass the non-spliced end and then take up the length of the rope.

Comes in 20 m, 30 m, 40 m, 50 m and 60 m (65.61 ft, 98.42 ft, 131.23 ft, 164.04 ft, 196.85 ft). Other lengths on request.

Can be spliced on one or both ends.

Technical data

StandardCE EN 1891 Type A
Diameter11.7 mm (0.46 in) - 16 strands
Material68 % polyester (cover) / 32 % polyamide (core)
ColourMoiré-effect blue and white
Cover slippage0 % (no cover-to-core slippage)
Elongation2.5 %
Weight95 g/m (3.35 oz/ft)
MBS3,000 daN

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