Self-Locking knot


The PHŒNIX prusiks are specially developped and tested for friction knots (prusik, Klemheist knot etc.).


The PHŒNIX ropes are made using most up-to-date para-aramid threads.The technique of fibre blending used for the cover offers more flexibility, easier knotting and long-lasting wear.

Thanks to a higher than 70 % cover ratio, the prusiks will last longer.

The PHŒNIX rope is available by the meter in 2 diameters (8 and 10 mm), or sold in prusiks with two sewn eyes, 70 cm (2.3 ft) or 90 cm long (3 ft).

Technical data

StandardsCE EN 354 (10 mm prusiks - 2 sewn eyes)
CE EN 564 (8 mm rope)
CE EN 795 B (8 mm prusiks - 2 sewn eyes)
Material70 % cover (polyester and aramide) / 30 % core (polyamide)
16 strands - 2 sewn eyes
Weight100 g/m


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