FTC and eco-responsibility

FTC and eco-responsibility


We aim to propose as many eco-responsible products as possible, eg. recyclable or reusable. Several are in natural materials, as for the LINECATCHER and CAPTER in beechwood, the retrieval balls in boxwood, the SLING-LINE tubes in natural rubber...

The instructions are printed on 100 % recycled paper and the products are shipped in 100 % recyclable cardboard boxes. Our waste (cardboard, plastic, paper) is sorted and recycled in accordance to the regulation.


Because of the diversity of our range, we have to offer different types of packaging. Nonetheless, we try to make sure that a majority are recyclable:

 Our ECLIPSE and MINI ECLIPSE pulleys, the FIORI’S RING, our GRAPPLE etc. are sold in 100 % recyclable cardboard boxes,
 our ropes are sold in a reusable bag, the SLING-LINE heads as well,
 our rigging devices (MICRO-CYLINDRE, MINI-CYLINDRE and TRANSFORMEUR) are delivered in very sturdy boxes. The boxes are designed to last years, and of course they can store and transport other gear.

When it is possible, our products, have no packaging, like our AZUR steel-core lanyards, our STIFFLINE throwline or the LINECATCHER.

On site

All our employees have recycling bins for paper, plastic and printer consumables. The kitchen is also set with recycling bins and we have a compost bin in the “garden”. To stay in the kitchen, we buy organic and fair-trade coffees and teas, in order to favour a more responsible and environmentally friendly agriculture.

Finally, we work in a building with photovoltaic panels on the roof. This way, we produce more electricity than we use. Since their installation in April 2017, the panels have produced about 262 MWh, i.e. the equivalent of 158 barrels of oil saved - 184 tons of CO2 avoided.

 Through these changes, FTC has become more eco-responsible. Our planet faces serious environment and climate challenges, the path of eco-citizenship seems to us the best choice when possible.