Throwing accessory

Line catcher

Very useful accessory - to set up a throwline, a rope, retrieve a stuck cambium saver etc.


The LINE CATCHER® is a tool used to better handle thin lines, especially throwlines.

It is made of PEFC-certified solid beechwood, in the Jura (France). Its asymmetrical shape offers a great grip and ensures a good hold of the lines for instance to pull them, set up or retrieve a cambium saver, bring the throwline closer to the start of a branch or even lock a reeving.

The central groove stabilises the line and the locking pin prevents it from slipping off.  It is drilled in its centre, right at its centre of gravity, to help hold the LINE CATCHER® perfectly horizontal. The LINE CATCHER® can also be attached or stored with a line.

Technical data

MaterialPEFC certified solid beechwood
Dimensions240 x 34 mm
Drill diameter6 mm (3 holes)
Weight97 g
Complement3 holes for handling, one to attach it or store the Line Catcher®

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