Being successful at maintaining our identity, enthusiasm, questioning what already exists and feels comfortable, it’s a challenge in its own right but for FTC TREE. It’s what we do on a daily basis. Commitment, innovation, and risk-taking all share a golden thread.

For the last 24 years, we have been climbing; we have been pruning trees; we have been committing intensely in our field—without holding back; we have taken responsibility for our choices. The first step was not an easy one when transforming from arborists to product developers for climbers. Even if nothing is ever certain, that step has been reached. We are now dedicated and committed equipment designers offering targeted products with an ambition to create solutions for easing arborists’ everyday tasks. Tree care is a field unlike any other. The men and women who are arborists experience difficult and challenging workdays, but in the end, they always have smiles on their faces. Theirs is a unique job combining work, climbing, and fun—and that is a true luxury.

We have been working hard to make reliable, high-performance tools. We love to climb, play among the branches, listen to what climbers want their equipment and job to be like, and live each moment to its fullest.

We have been working hard to make reliable, high-performance tools. We love to climb, play among the branches, listen to what climbers want their equipment and job to be like, and live each moment to its fullest.
Laurent Pierron
Arborist/DirectOR OF FTC TREE



We are FTC TREE,
an equipment supplier and service provider founded by arborists for arborists.

We are tough, playful, and relenting—just like they are.

Each tree-care worker deserves a work environment that is not only easier but also more intense and especially more inspiring— an environment where each person can develop their full potential. 

Our day-to-day goal is to work hard and to innovate with them. We push our equipment to its limits by helping scientists access canopies in tropical forests and by climbing the tallest trees in the world.

During those moments, our profession becomes an extraordinary source of inspiration, joy, and transcendence.

WORK HARD | CLIMB HARD | PLAY HARD is our motto as every day begins! 


We adore anything and everything tree-related, and we are 100% committed to tree-care professionals. We work hard to help them confront their daily challenges when on the job.

We also adore studies in forest canopies and follow scientists to the ends of the world.

You’ll get no BS from us. FTC TREE is upfront and very direct, and we’d like you to feel you can be the same with us. We are not perfect. If we make mistakes (and we do), we will tell you we’re sorry and repair them.

What creed do we follow for what we make? We think that only tangible improvements to a product justify launching new equipment—not just to drum up business.

Audacity is a much-needed ingredient to create what has yet to be imagined. FTC TREE is innovative and independent-minded. We dare to think and react differently. We like to rock reality, explore new grounds, and search without limits for solutions through innovation.

The FTC TREE brand is a shared, human-level adventure. We are a tight tribe—enthusiastic, approachable, and here to listen.

We work side by side with tree-care professionals to innovate over and over. We work in concert with our employees and our customers—striving to understand and respect the individuality of each one.



UNRELENTING: because Mother Nature is
unequalled and uncompromising herself

An arborist’s universe lies in trees, a rugged and rarely forgiving playground.

The men and women who climb often bear marks on the outside—a whole history written on their bodies and faces. FTC TREE carries the same spirit of tenacity, resistance, courageousness, and determination. Our brand never quits. It’s the least we owe these everyday heroes.

COMPETENT: for efficient and sound products

We deliver what we promise. We aren’t looking to impress you. We listen to what you have to say, and we get to work. We always go the extra mile to offer simple, efficient, reliable, and sound products.

ENTHUSIASTIC: because we play the same game

In a harsh, albeit dedicated, profession, we want to inject joy and a touch of silliness into the everyday lives of tree-care workers to inspire them and help them dream.



We write very strict specifications, including local manufacturing: 90% of our products are manufactured in our region (Auvergne Rhône-Alpes), and our partners are very committed. Being close helps for the regular monitoring and controls needed to bring quality products to market.

All our PPE and rigging equipment meet essential and mandatory safety standards. Our products are tested to meet high standards and are CE certified by notified bodies (APAVE).