FTC Tree company

OUR entreprise

For years, FTC Tree has been designing, developing and commercialising tools for arborists.

This business, created by professional arborists 20 years ago, has first developed its activity in France. Owing to the recognised quality of its products, it is now exporting throughout Europe, US, Australia and New Zeland. Our experience and know-how enable us to regularly design new products, new techniques... Our goals are to help climbers with a maximum efficiency on workplaces, improve harsh work conditions while enhancing safety.

From the idea discussed by a tree until the product is commercialised, the long phase of prototyping and development is made of course by the engineering department, but also through ongoing exchanges with users at work: our team of testers throughout the world brings us closer to the real needs of users and helps us stay pragmatic.

This year, we have a number of new products in production, development or certification. Maybe we’ll be manage to surprise the climbing community again by creating innovating products or techniques. It is at least a great motivation for us: create efficient products that are simple to use for all, “by arborists for arborists”.

Laurent Pierron
FTC Tree Director
4 times French Champion / ITCC Competitor / European Tree Technician

dEvelopment, research and design

Our everyday work:

Design new innovating products, develop new methods and new techniques to optimise the quality and efficiency of our products.

Project management:

In order to make sure our productions run smoothly, we work with very strict requirement specifications with all aspects necessary to manufacturing our products.

Intellectual property:

We use all mechanisms for protection of technical inventions and concepts: Soleau envelopes, patents when needed.

Industrial partners:

FTC Tree has chosen serious industrial partners that can be relied on. We work with
them confidently and on a long-term basis. This partnerships with our subcontractors also enable us to benefit from their own innovations for our products, as they work in technical fields like medical equipment, aerospace and more.

Production and quality control:

Most of our products are manufactured and assembled in France, which helps production follow-up and enables regular controls at the different stages of manufacturing or assembling.

Standards and safety:

We work to meet all legal and safety requirements. Our products are tested to meet higher standards and CE certified by notified bodies (APAVE).

  • • Our PPE products are submitted to the C2 Module control (According to Regulation (EU) 2016/425).
  • • For rigging systems, we also ensure they meet the standards of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/CE.

MARkings: safety, traceability and quality

Markings are a legal obligation and have to provide the user with all necessary information about use and traceability of products. FTC Tree pays special attention to
markings for their whole range. Our products are clearly identified, markings are stamped on our metal products. The serial numbers are to be identified on the instructions and registered in our archives. Our company also uses a specific marking for rigging ropes (splices ropes, slings etc.), silkscreen printed on waterproof paper in order to make it long-lasting.

MARkings directive machine 2006/42/ce

  • • Name and address of manufacturer
  • • Name of product
  • • Manufacturing year
  • • MBS (Minimum Breaking Strength)
  • • WLL (Working Load Limit): the machinery directive requires safety coefficient an all products subjected to loads. The static breaking load of the product must be divided by the safety coefficient (SC) to calculate the WLL. The coefficients are 5 for all metal products and 7 for all textile products.
  • • Length (for ropes)
  • • Serial number (for metal systems, eg. pulleys, friction systems)
  • • “Read the instructions” pictogram informing the users that they must read and
    fully understand the instructions for use and maintenance of the product.
  • • CE mark: it is marked on products sold on the European market and indicates that the product complies with all European directives concerning safety and design. This CE marking is only allowed after a manufacturer has tested the product (or had it tested), when the controls and tests proved its conformity to the essential requirements of the relevant directive(s).
  • Other relevant information can be marked on the products: diagrams for use and set up etc.

MARkings on splices

Our ropes are marked on either end, according to the type of splices. The markings are comprehensive and comply with all the obligations of current legislation. Every spliced rope is individually marked and all markings are registered, thus ensuring a traceability of all splice markings. This markings include:

  • • Individual splice number
  • • Day/Month/Year of manufacture
  • • Batch number and rope manufacturing year
  • • Rope manufacturer
  • • Splice manufacturer and splicer
  • • Rope length

 Our markings are protected by a retractable rubber sleeve. This ensures our ropes can be traced and protects the labels (depending on the use and maintenance).