Choker Joker Light

The CHOKER JOKER LIGHT is a cambium saver certified for use with 2 persons.


The CHOKER JOKER LIGHT is a cambium saver that perfectly complements the JOKER LIGHT range. It has many uses, whether at the trunk or in the tree crown.

Shortened, this cambium saver is very practical to prune in the tree top, a longer or lengthened version will give more freedom of movement to walk in the tree (around the axis).

Technical data

StandardCE EN 795:B and TS 16415:2013 (for 2 users)
MBS30 kN
Weight (without accessory)230 g (8.1 oz)
MaterialStrap 100 % polyester
Steel ultra quick link
Aluminium retrieval ball (Ø 17 mm)


Certified for 2 users, this cambium saver can be very useful for rescue: it can be used with both climb rope and access rope.

The CHOKER JOKER LIGHT can be used in many configurations:
- as a simple anchor, with its full length or shortened with the loops,
- combined with a JOKER LIGHT, for a longer anchor on a larger trunk,
- for redirects (to be retrieved or not), etc.

It can be retrieved from the ground with its ultra quick link and its retrieval ball of small diameter.

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