Climbing rope

Argiope Acid 12,1

American-style, 16-strand climbing rope with a significant ratio of cover.


The ARGIOPE ACID is the new colour of the PURPLE/ORANGE: a climbing rope with a 12.1 mm diameter.

The rope colours make it very bright and therefore easy to see in the tree.
Just like the ARGIOPE BLUE, its uniqueness is found in the design of its cover and the colours that make it up.

Comes in 20 m (65 ft), 30 m (98 ft), 40 m (131 ft), 50 m (164 ft) and 60 m (196 ft). Other lengths available on request.
Can be spliced at one or both ends.

Technical data

StandardCE EN 1891 Type A
Diameter12.1 mm - 16 strands
Material67 % polyester (cover) / 33 % polyamide (core)
ColourMoiré flash green and orange
Cover slippage0 % (no cover-to-core slippage)
Elongation2.4 %
Weight104 g/m
MBS34 kN

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