Steel-core lanyard


The AZUR is a working position steel-core lanyard, it comes with a mechanical adjuster and a Twister carabiner (with swivel) in option.


The AZUR lanyard is very flexible and pleasant to work with, due to a high quality stainless steel cable. It is easy to manipulate during ascent as well as for work positioning. Its very bright blue makes it easy to spot in the tree.
It is also a reversible steel-core lanyard: each end has an anchor loop. Each version can be used reversed in order to balance the wear and this way increase its lifespan. The mechanical adjuster can be removed and each element can be replaced (spare parts available). The adjuster is easy to use, ergonomic and has a good grip.

It is sold in two lengths (3 or 4 m - 9.84 ft or 13.12 ft) and there are two ends: With a Twister carabiner (with swivel) or a steel loop with thimble to use with a classic oval carabiner.

The Twister version is also available in 5 m (16.4 ft), with or without mechanical adjuster - as a special order.

Technical data

StandardCE EN 358
CoverBlue braid - diameter 12 mm / 16 strands
CableStainless steel 6 mm diameter - 6.3 mm diameter steel loop at each end
Steel loopsManufactured steel loops with protection thimbles

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