Short rope

Argiope 12.1

The ACID short rope is made of 12.1 mm ARGIOPE (Acid version). It is sold either with a spliced end and a sewn end, or with both ends sewn.


The version with a spliced end is available with a Snaphook-type carabiner (swivel carabiner), but you can choose to use one of your carabiner instead, and buy it without Snaphook. The sewn end has a small swivel carabiner.

The version with both end sewn is very simple: no carabiner, no swivel, it’s free for you to adapt it to your needs!

The short rope offers a good grip, since its construction helps it keep its round profile, so it is comfortable to use. The rope is spliced with the SLIM-Tech® method, it is slim and flexible.

 It comes in 3 lengths - 3 m, 4 m and 5 m. To each his own!


StandardCE EN 1891 Type A
Diameter12.1 mm - 16 strands
Material67 % polyester (cover) / 33 % polyamide (core)
ColourYellow and orange
Cover slippage0 % (no cover-to-core slippage)
Elongation2.4 %
Weight104 g/m (3.7 oz/m)
MBS34 kN

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