Manipulation bag


It is dedicated to manipulating the throwline in order to optimise the rope set up in the tree.


The PULSAR is a "manipulation bag" for a preciser work. The design is innovative, with a metallic core and a polymer shell. The result is a product that is very resistant, with a very long lifespan.
The outer shell brings a rebound effect, the compact streamline shape helps handling the bag in the tree top. It is also easily spotted in the tree, with its high visibility colour. So the PULSAR is THE manipulation bag to complete the classic throwbags.
The shape of its ring and the way it is fixed both help attaching the throwline.

Technical DATA

Coregalvanised steel
Ringstainless steel wire (folded and inserted after injection moulding)
Ring strength250 kg (551.2 lb)
Weight500 g (18 oz)
Dimensions11.5 cm high (4.5 in) / 5 cm diameter (2 in)


Because it is so heavy (500 g - 18 oz) and has that rebound effect, it is easily manipulated in order to optimise the rope’s placement. The streamline profile combined with its compacity (core in one piece and outer shell tightly fixed together) help passing through crotches: it doesn’t flatten on the branches and can be moved effortlessly.
It is mostly used as a complement of the classic throwbag, for instance in order to weigh down a throwline and let it down faster, or use its natural rebound in order to work a way through crotches. This helps manipulating the throwline in order to optimise the rope position in the tree, for a safer or more efficient access or climbing.
The PULSAR can also be used to weight down your rope during SRT access: the mechanical devices are easier to push up when the rope is a little tauter.


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