Rigging block

Éclipse 3

A highly resistant aluminium pulley, light considering its performances but perfect for heavy rigging.


It is extremely practical thanks to its movable upper axle and rotating cheek plates that permit quick release of the attaching sling and rope.

It is locked with a safety linch pin (against unwanted opening) that can’t be lost thanks to its attachment string.

The sides of the cheek plates and the sheave are rounded to prevent damage to ropes during incorrect use. The sheave (Ø 90 mm - 3.54 in) contains a deep groove that can hold up ropes up to Ø 18 mm.

Yellow aluminium sheave:
- highly resistant to pulling and shocks
- excellent resistance over time and to chemical agents
- low friction coefficient
- a very high resistance to abrasion

Technical data

Machinery Directive2006/42/CE
Weight1,020 g (2.2 lb)
MBS150 kN - WLL, coef. 5: 30 KN
SheaveØ 90 mm (3.5 in)
Max. rope Ø18 mm (0.7 in)

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