Friction system


In order to complete its range of rigging devices, FTC has chosen a modular system. It allows for several configurations, and the basic gear can also be used by several teams for smaller rigging works.


The TRANSFORMEUR is a friction system that you can adjust according to the work to be done. It comes with one or two MINI-CYLINDRES (HR or old version), with a winch as an option.

Set up your system according to your exact needs. The only limit is your imagination!
The TRANSFORMEUR can be configured 3 ways according to the kind of work to be performed: the more the rope is wrapped, the harder the friction. What’s more, the symmetry of the system allows left or right location of the ground crew depending on the worksite restrictions.

technical data

Machinery Directive2006/42/CE
Steel supports materialSupports are in 304L stainless steel (main plate, tubes and anchoring triangles, mono plate and winch plate).
Straps material- Yellow main anchoring strap (lower):
100 % polyester, 9 m (29.52 ft), 15,000 daN MBS with ratchet (10,000 daN MBS)
- Blue secondary strap (upper):
100 % polyester, 9 m (29.52 ft), 7,000 daN MBS with ratchet (5,000 daN MBS)
Main plate450 mm x 370 mm (17.71 in to 14.56 in)Upper lifting ring (DIN 580) the make attaching the plate easier by using the CROCH'TY (included)
Mini-Cylindre HR friction devicesin aluminium (the plate is compatible with the older generation MINI-CYLINDRES)
Manual winch and handleWinch 44 TX
MBS100 kN / WLL: 20 kN (depending on configuration)
Diameters of ropes that can be used12 mm to 18 mm (0.47 in to 0.70 in)


Main plate + 2 MINI-CYLINDRES + winch

This configuration offers high friction capacity by using two MINI-CYLINDRES. You can use one or two MINI-CYLINDRES with one or two ropes. The winch is separate from the friction device and can be used alone or in addition to the MINI-CYLINDRES.


Main plate + 1 MINI-CYLINDRE + 1 winch

This configuration comes with a single MINI-CYLINDRE, one mono plate (replacing the second MINI-CYLINDRE) and a winch (44 XT).  It’s the ideal set up to change your friction device and go from the MINI-CYLINDRE to a more advanced system allowing easier lifting of branches.


Main plate + 2 MINI-CYLINDRES

This configuration does not include the winch and should be used on worksites not requiring winching. Nevertheless, it provides many friction solutions (one or two ropes, etc.).

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