Throw kit

The throw kit is composed of: a MATRIOSAC large bag, a yellow STIFFLINE 1.8 mm in 60 m, a MÉTÉOR 2 bag (choose the weight) and a PULSAR bag.

MATRIOSAC large bag

The MATRIOSAC is a bag for throw gear that can hold on throw set (2 throwbags + throwline). The large bag has a lid with fabric and solid mesh for ventilation, a zipper and a large bottom pocket to store more gear (anchors, more throwbags, LINE CATCHER® etc.). It helps saving space: 3 straps with quick-release buckles hold it folded into a compact bag easy to store and transport, with a transport strap and a handle. Once open, the bag is stable, its reinforced and waterproof bottom protects the gear.


Our STIFFLINE throwline is very light and perfectly stored in the MATRIOSAC. Its nylon core gives it some stiffness to limit the coiling. The throwline has a very long lifespan, it has become a reference.


It’s our latest product for throwing, a throwbag with polymer shell (2 densities) for more precision, a high resistance and a great lifespan. Its colours are easy to spot and its ring has been developed (shape, insertion) to help manipulating the bag in the tree and avoid its getting stuck.
The weight of the MÉTÉOR 2 is chosen by the customer, from 225 g to 385 g (from 7.9 to 13.6 oz) - this way, everyone’s happy!


The PULSAR is the only “work throwbag” (throwbag manipulated to work its way to an optimal place) on the market, it is a great product to set up a throwline, though it can also be used as ballast for the access rope, or to weigh down a rope when it is hard to get down from a tree.
The “work throwbag” is a great complement to the kit - its rebound and its compact streamline shape helps handling the bag in the tree top: it gets more easily through small crotches and helps placing the throwline. Like the MÉTÉOR 2, it has a metallic core with a polymer shell and the ring has been developed for an optimised use. The PULSAR has a long lifespan.

technical data

Matriosac Large bagDouble wall: polyurethane-coated polyester
Ø 38 cm (14.9 in), 30 cm high (11.8 in), blue
Weight : 750 g (26.4 oz)
Stiffline 1,8 mm 60 mCore: nylon
Cover: dyneema hollow braid
MBS:  250 daN
Météor 2Core: steel
Shell: bi-density polyurethane
Ring: stainless steel
Weight : 225 g (7.9 oz) / 250 g (8.8 oz) / 300 g (10.5 oz) / 350 g (12.3 oz) / 385 g (13.5 oz)
Dimensions : 8,3 cm high (ring not incl.) (3.2 in), 4,6 cm diameter (1.8 in)
PulsarCore: steel
Shell: polymer
Ring: stainless steel
Weight : 500 g (17.6 oz)
Dimensions : 11 cm high (ring not incl.) (4.3 in), 5 cm diameter (1.9 in)

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